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Oudtshoorn, Frits van

Guide to Grasses of Southern Africa

ISBN 978-3-8047-1664-3


Grasses are generally regarded as the most important group of plants on earth. They were the first plants to be cultivated by man for food and are still the most important source of nourishment (maize, wheat, rice, sugarcane, etc). Grass also plays a vital role in the ecology in terms of food for animals and protecting the soil from erosion. This is the only photographic guide to the grasses in the region.

It includes
- Descriptions and illustrations of the 300 most important grasses in South Africa.
- An easy-to-use identification key.
- More than 800 excellent colour photographs
- Thirteen introductory chapters with general information on topics such as what is grass, grass and grazing, cultivated pastures.
- A series of symbols (icons) to enable the reader to obtain certain information at a glance.
- A questionnaire to test your knowledge.

Also available on Briza Botanical Library CD-ROM

288 p., 800 color ill.
soft cover

Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart


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