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Esterhuyse / Breitenbach, Jutta von / Söhnge, Hermien

Remarkable Trees

ISBN 978-3-8047-1965-1


This books offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of trees from the biggest to the tallest to the oldest trees in South Africa.
Written in an easy, anecdotal style, this book relates in text and photographs the historical, cultural and economical significance of South Africa's rich tree heritage. The book also includes detailed accounts of the major tree families as well as an overview of trees as monuments and in botanic gardens, parks and arboreta. Trees are one of South Africa's most valuable national treasures. From the majestic yellowwoods of the Knysna forests to the strange halfmens of Namaqualand and the acacias that are such a familiar part of the African landscape, trees not only provide us with food, fodder, building material and shelter to man and beast against the extremes of the weather, they also bring beauty and joy to our parks and gardens.

Neels Esterhuyse is a forestry scientist who has had a long association with the Department of Forestry and Water Affairs. His in-depth knowledge of trees and passion for their preservation has resulted in the writing of this book.
Jutta von Breitenbach is a respected figure in South African botanical circles. She is Chief Secretary of the Dendrological Society of South Africa and has devoted her life to the study and preservation of trees.
Hermien Soehnge's interest in trees results from her involvement with forestry publications as a communications officer with the Department of Forestry and Water Affairs. She is currently a freelance language practitioner.

160 p.
div. figs., hard cover

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