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Joffe, Pitta

Creative Gardening with Indigenous Plants

ISBN 978-3-8047-1966-8


This is a remarkable collection of indigenous trees, shrubs, flowering plants, climbers and foliage plants from well-known favourites to many lesser-known plants that will amaze with their beauty and diversity. The book includes complete plant descriptions for over 300 species, more than 1000 full-colour photographs, distribution maps, icons and many suggestions for the cultivation and use of indigenous plants in the garden.

Gardening With Indigenous Plants is an invaluable handbook for gardeners. In this comprehensive guide, well-known gardening author Pitta Joffe sets out to popularise the use of indigenous South African plants in gardens, parks, roadsides and anywhere where previously exotic plants were preferred. Taking a very practical approach, using symbols, distribution maps, plant size and flower colour, she leads the reader to the correct plant to choose for the application, whether this be tree, shrub, annual, perennial, climber or water-loving plant. The material is presented in an easy-to-find manner, making it simple to select a suitable plant for any given situation. Trees and shrubs are grouped according to size and shape, and where colour is the primary consideration, plants are arranged according to flower colour.

Pitta Joffe is a botanist by profession with a keen interest in horticulture and nature photography. She is an Interpretation Officer with the National Botanical Institute in Pretoria.

372 p.
full colour figures, soft cover

Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart


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