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Verstraete, Alain

Workplace Drug Testing

1st Edition 2011.
Artikel-Nr 180046014


This comprehensive text provides clear explanations of the effects of drugs on human performance and the need for workplace drug testing. Case studies of successful programmes are includes as well as how different countries test for drugs.

It provides essential information on

  • the regulatory and legal frameworks around the world,
  • how to set policies and coverage of all aspects of drug analysis
  • the associated interpretation of results.


  • Epidemiology of Drug Use in the Working Population
  • Effects of Drugs on Human Performance
  • The Evidence Base for Workplace Drug Testing
  • Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Workplace Drug Testing
  • Policies for Drugs and Alcohol
  • Urine Sample Collection Process
  • Alternative Matrices to Urine
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Specimen Adulteration
  • Interpretation of Urine Drug Test Results By the Medical Review Officer
  • Guidelines for Workplace Drug Testing
  • Case Studies
  • Australian Perspectives
  • Canadian Perspectives
  • A New Zealand Perspective
  • 464 p.
    soft cover

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