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British National Formulary for Children 2017-2018

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BNF for Children2017-2018

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The BNF for Children (BNFC) 2017-2018 provides essential practical information to all healthcare professionals involved in the prescribing, dispensing, monitoring and administration of medicines to children.

The resource addresses a significant knowledge gap in many areas of paediatric practice by providing practical information on the use of medicines in children of all ages from birth to adolescence.

Recommendations in the BNFC have been constructed on the basis of authoritative sources, emerging evidence and best practice guidelines. The content has been carefully validated by a network of paediatric experts and the process is overseen by a paediatric formulary committee.

The BNF for Children 2017-2018 has been revised and revalidated to reflect changes in product availability, emerging safety concerns and shifts in clinical practice.

Significant content updates include:

  • New safety information about the risk of abnormal pregnancy outcomes with sodium valproate and valproic acid
  • Updated guidance for conditions including asthma and obesity
  • Updated pregnancy-prevention advice for patients taking mycophenolate mofetil
  • New drug monographs including cholic acid
  • New indications for adalimumab including chronic plaque psoriasis
  • New safety information about the risk of osteonecrosis of the external auditory canal with bisphosphonates
  • Guidance on suspected or confirmed drug allergies
  • Evidence grading of BNF recommendations.

Unique benefits

  • Shares the structure of the British National Formulary (BNF) and is designed to be used in paediatric and general practice settings
  • Includes information on unlicensed use of medicines and provides details of unlicensed medicines that can be imported, manufactured by ‘special order' or prepared extemporaneously
  • Covers the drug treatment of rare childhood conditions, provides guidance on specialist paediatric interventions and includes details of those medicines that are used in children in a different way to adults
  • As a point-of-care tool it is important that it provides practitioners with the most up-to-date information and therefore the latest edition is essential.

International relevance

BNF and BNFC are the gold standard of drug information in English-speaking countries. They are used for constructing national formularies in other countries and to support regulatory work. They provide essential information when treating patients who have been prescribed medicines in the UK. Unlike many other local alternatives, both resources are completely independent from pharmaceutical industry influence with guidance that is based on best practice and real life evidence.

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