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Florence, Alexander T. / Attwood, David

Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy

5th Edition 2011.
Artikel-Nr 180046015


Physical chemistry is the basis of pharmaceutical formulation and processing and is fundamental to understanding the complexities of drug delivery and absorption.

Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy goes beyond the introductory aspects of physical pharmacy to show how basic physicochemical principles are essential to an understanding of every aspect of drug action, from the design of dosage forms to the sites of action in the body.

Chapters are organised logically, with visual representations to aid the understanding of difficult concepts. The fifth edition of this well-established textbook has been thoroughly revised. Changes include:

- a new chapter on pharmaceutical nanotechnology
- key learning points
- more worked examples of clinical calculations
- highlighted clinical points
- clearer distinction between the basic text and more complex theory to facilitate ease of use


1. Solids
2. Physicochemical Properties of Drugs in Solution
3. Drug Stability
4. The Solubility of Drugs
5. Surfactants
6. Emulsions, Suspensions and Other Disperse Systems
7. Polymers and Macromolecules
8. Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
9. Drug Absorption and the Oral Route
10. Parenteral Routes of Drug Administration
11. Physicochemical Drug Interactions and Incompatibilities
12. Peptides, Proteins and Other Biopharmaceuticals
13. Physical Assessment of Dosage Forms

528 p.
soft cover

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