Industrielle Praxis

Industrielle Praxis

Müller, Rainer H.

Colloidal Carriers for Controlled Drug Delivery and Targeting

Modification, Characterization and In Vivo Distribution

ISBN 978-3-8047-1096-2

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Controlled drug delivery including drug targeting are topics attracting increasing attention. They are of high interest for the delivery of drugs with major side effects (e.g. cytotoxics, peptides) and drugs possessing short biological half-lifes (peptides). The progress in gene technology provides us with many potent drugs requiring new delivery systems for their introduction to therapy.
Colloidal carriers (particles, emulsions) for intravenous administration are a promising approach to achieve controlled release and site-specific delivery of drugs.

This book deals with the physico-chemical characterization of colloidal drug delivery systems and the influence of these parameters upon the in vitro cell uptake and the in vivo tissue distribution.
It indicates new ways for future developments and optimization of carriers for controlled draug delivery.

1991. XII, 379 p., 227 b/w ill, 84 b/w tables.
hard cover

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