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Taylor, L.

Pharmacy Preregistration Handbook

2nd Edition 2002.
ISBN 978-3-7692-3099-4


Fully updated to included new RPSGB Preregistration training requirements.

The Pharmacy Preregistration Handbook addresses many of the frequently asked questions raised by preregistration trainees and tutors and guides towards the appropriate primary reference sources. It covers the administration procedures necessary throughout the preregistration year and for entrance to the registration examination, as well as guidance on the collection and recording of evidence necessary to meet performance criteria, explanations of the arithmetical techniques necessary for performing calculations without a calculator, and sample examination questions including multiple choice questions with worked answers.

The particular demands of the registration examination and how best to prepare for them are considered in detail. A suggested audit of various aspects of the examination then leads into a further selection of new examination questions and answer.

This new edition of Pharmacy Preregistration Handbook has been extensively revised to reflect the changes in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's Preregistration Training Manual and the new 2002 registration examination syllabus. It is an essential reference source for all pharmacy preregistration students, their tutors and those involoved in their training.

224 p.
soft cover

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