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Labor und Rezeptur

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Moffat, Anthony C (Ed.) / Osselton, M David (Ed.) / Widdop, Brian (Ed.) / Watts, Joe (Ed.)

Clarke´s Analysis of Drugs and Poisons

4th, expanded and updated edition Edition 2011.
Artikel-Nr 180046013


Clarke's Analysis of Drugs and Poisons is the definitive source of analytical data for drugs and poisons. Written by over 40 international experts, the resource also boasts an editorial advisory board of over 45 world renowned scientists.

This reference work has been completely revised and updated for the new edition, and comprises two volumes.

The book is essential for all forensic and clinical toxicologists, pathologists, hospital pharmacists, pharmaceutical analysts, clinical pharmacologists, clinical and forensic laboratories, and poison information centres.

New to the fourth edition:

  • Volume one has been greatly expanded from 31 to 44 chapters providing extensive coverage of all methodology and analytical techniques. Of significant interest include:
  1. Quality control and assessment - separated into two chapters to reflect the differing situations/purposes/remits of the toxicology laboratory versus the pharmaceutical industry (accreditation with ISO17025 becoming the international standard in labs)
  2. Method development and validation - now present since reliable analytical techniques and data should be of the utmost importance to any analyst
  3. 'Sampling, storage and stability', 'Measuring and reporting uncertainty' and 'Interpretation of results' now included to cover all aspects accreditation
  • Pharmacokinetics now coupled with Pharmacogenomics
  • All chapters have been updated, for instance the colour test chapter now includes the analysis of metals, while newer analytical techniques, such as liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and atomic absorption spectrometry-inductively coupled- mass spectrometry (AAS-ICP-MS) are also covered.
  • Parts two and three now contain 2111 monographs (1730 in 3rd edition). This includes over 200 new monographs with retention of all monographs included in previous edition. New monographs include metals, natural toxins and weapons of mass destruction
  • Over 300 updated monographs including amphetamine, morphine and MDMA

3736 p.
hard cover

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