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Pharmazeutische/Medizinische Chemie/Analytik

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Cairns, Donald

Essentials of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

4th Edition 2012.
Artikel-Nr 180046016


Essentials of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is an introduction to pharmaceutical chemistry for undergraduate pharmacy, chemistry and medicinal chemistry students. It covers all of the core material necessary to provide an understanding of the basic chemistry of drug molecules. Now a core text on many university courses, it contains numerous worked examples and problems.

The 4th edition includes new chapters on Chromatographic Methods of Analysis, and Medicinal Chemistry - The Science of Drug Design.


1. Chemistry of acids and bases
2. Partition coefficient and biopharmacy
3. Physicochemical properties of drugs
4. Stereochemistry
5. Drug metabolism
6. Volumetric analysis of drugs
7. Analytical spectroscopy
8. Chromatographic methods of analysis
9. Stability of drugs and medicines
10. Kinetics of drug stability
11. Licensing of drugs and the British Pharmacopoeia
12. Medicinal chemistry: the science of rational drug design
13. Answers to problems

320 p.
soft cover

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