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Sara M. Wijma

Sara M. Wijma

– MA History at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands (1996–2002)

– MPhil Ancient History at Cambridge University, UK (2002–2003)

– PhD Ancient History at Utrecht University, the Netherlands (2004–2009)

– Assistant Professor in Ancient History at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands (since 2010)

Interests and research specialities:

– general: political culture of the classical Athenian polis; social aspects of Athenian polis religion; epigraphy; memory studies

– specific: cultic definition of status and cultic expression of group identity in classical Athens; memory of the Persian Wars in 5th and 4th-century Athens

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Wijma, Sara M.

Embracing the Immigrant
The participation of metics in Athenian polis religion (5th–4th century BC)

Historia – Einzelschriften
Band 233


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