Veith, Walter

Diet and Health

Scientific perspectives

ISBN 978-3-8047-5019-7

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In an age in which the world is flooded with nutritional misinformation, Prof. Veith gives scientifically backed answers to some of the questions which plague people seeking a healthier lifestyle.
  • What causes degenerative diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and even arthritis?
  • What causes obesity and why is it seemingly impossible for some people to loose weight?
  • Is it healthy to be a vegetarian, and what about total (vegan) vegetarians who shun all animal products including dairy products?
  • What impact do food additives have on our health?
These and many other questions are discussed. This book extensively reviews the latest scientific findings, published in peer review journals, on the impact of diet on human health, and is written to benefit both the scientist and the layman. The book is unique in that it not only clearly describes the causes of degenerative human diseases, but also supplies information on how to implement a viable alternative lifestyle.
The book concludes with a special recipe section containing tasty but healthy dishes.

Lieferbare deutsche Ausgabe: Veith, Ernährung neu entdecken. Der Einfluß der Ernährung auf unsere Gesundheit.

2nd Edition 1998. 277 p., 45 b/w ill, 47 b/w tables.
hard cover

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