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Maihofer, Werner (Ed.) / Sprenger, Gerhard (Ed.)

Law and the States in modern Times

Proceedings of the 14th IVR World Congress in Edinburgh, August, 1989. Vol. 2

Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie – Beihefte (ARSP-B)
Band 42

1. Auflage 1990.
ISBN 978-3-515-05613-7


I. Theories of State: R. Martin: Democracy and Rights: Two Perspectives — G. den Hartogh: The Limits of Liberal Neutrality — M. Blegvad: Types of Liberal Theories of Justice and Democracy — P. Gérard: Ethique et politique dans la légitimation du droit — A. Perenic: La primauté de l'individu ou la primauté du système politique — E. Wolgast: The State as Servant — V. Haksar: Social Contract, Integrity and the Right to Equal Liberties — II. Theories of Law: J. Cottingham: The Philosophical Status of Natural Rights — T. A. Fay: Rights and Natural Law — S. Morimura: Social Morality and Right-Based Moralities — M. D. Bayles: Against Right-Based Moral Theories — C. Johnson: On Some Alleged Difficulties for Utilitarian Justifications of Rights — H. v. Erp: Democracy: Pragmatic Conceptions and Ethical Justification — A. M. Cameron: MacCormick’s Liberal Theory of Rights — F. A. Cappelletti: De la «libre pensée» au droit à la «libre communication des pensées et des opinions» — H. Collins: Liberty and Equality in the Workplace — B. B. Levenbook: Are There Any Positive Rights? — H. T. Klami: All Things Not Considered — R. Alexy: Problems of Discursive Rationality in Law — A. Aarnio: Taking Rules Seriously — J.-P. Rentto: Obligation to Obey? — A. MacLeod: Rights, Constraints and Consequences — I. Williams: Legal Rights and Privacy in the Information Society


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