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Rosenberger, Veit (Hrsg.)

Divination in the Ancient World

Religious Options and the Individual

Potsdamer Altertumswissenschaftliche Beiträge
Band 46

ISBN 978-3-515-10629-0


The search for knowledge of the future and for divine help is found in all ancient Mediterranean cultures. The key question of this book is: What are the interdependences between divination and processes of individualization or de-individualization in the ancient world? Individualization is understood as a process of change on the societal level. In contrast, individuation is a development on the personal level. Discussions about the definition of these terms are continuing. Divination may always have some effects on processes of individuation and individualization. Divination may be a means – and this list does not claim to be exhaustive – of legitimising decisions, to decide competition or to achieve distinctiveness. This book covers aspects from archaic Greece to the High Empire. Not all articles argue along the same lines: nothing highlights better the lively debate and the many open questions in the field of ancient divination.


Julie Dainville, L’Antiquité Classique 85, 2016

Dominique Briquel, Latomus 74, 2015/4

Jessica Piccinini, Tyche 30, 2015

Max Nelson, Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2014.09.43

177 p., 11 b/w ill.
soft cover

Franz Steiner Verlag


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