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Collard, Christopher

Colloquial Expressions in Greek Tragedy

Revised and enlarged edition of P.T. Stevens

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Stevens began identifying and collecting colloquialisms in Tragedy in 1937, refined his definitions in 1945 and finished his work with the monograph upon Euripides of 1976. This revised and enlarged edition assesses the contribution to the field by subsequent scholars. It adds many expressions to Stevens's list, which is now divided into two categories: expressions that are confidently identified as colloquial, and almost as many that are probable or possible. An unexpected finding is that Sophocles used hardly fewer such expressions than Euripides. The book's chief aim is to broaden the evidential basis for colloquialisms in Tragedy, and to attempt a more useful evaluation of their usage: statistics are gathered on their distribution and location, and their frequent concentration in types of dramatic and stylistic context. Many individual passages, and the possible use of colloquialisms for characterization, are discussed. The book includes full indices locorum for expressions and usages.

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Donald J. Mastronarde, Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2019.07.05

2018. 255 p., 3 b/w tables.
soft cover

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Christopher Collard

Christopher Collard held posts in the Universities of Liverpool, Kent, Swansea and Oxford, where he now lives in retirement. His principal books are annotated editions of Euripides' Supplices and Hecuba; (in collaboration) Iphigenia at Aulis, the fragmentary plays, and Cyclops and the major fragments of Greek satyric drama; an annotated translation of Aeschylus; a volume of his selected papers. He has been a General Editor of the Aris and Phillips Classical Texts, including twenty volumes of Euripides, and an editor of Classical Quarterly.

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