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Briza Botanical Library CD-ROM

Four botanical titles

ISBN 978-3-8047-1804-3


Four botanical titels exel in: Identification, referencing, information and userfriendliness.
Medicinal Plants in South Africa
See and read about the most commonly used medicinal plants in the region.
Making the most of Indigenous Trees
A fully illustrated guide with comprehensive descriptions of the economic and ecological trees in South Africa.
Guide to Grasses of Southern Africa
The only photographic guide to the grasses in the subregion.
Mesembs of the World
Explore the magic of Mesembs with this unique guide.
1 CD-ROM with more than 2600 coplour Photographs.Runs under Windows 95 and 98. Minimum system requirements: Pentium 100, 16 Med RAM, 8 Speed CD-ROM.

More than 2600 colour figures

Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart


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