Wyk, Ben-Erik van / Heerden, Fanie van / Oudtshoorn, Bosch van

Poisonous Plants of South Africa

ISBN 978-3-8047-2054-1

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Poisonous Plants of South Africa is a comprehensive guide to the most commonly occuring poisonous plants in South Africa. The book includes:

  • Detailed species descriptions of 135 poisonous plants including a description of the plant, type of toxin, potential toxicity of the plant, importance in human or livestock poisoning and poisenous ingredients and pharmacological effects.
  • Distribution maps for poisonous plants that occur in the wild.
  • More than 450 colour photographs.
  • Introductory chapters on human and animal poisoning, first aid treatment, methods of testing for toxicity, extraction and isolation of toxins and poisonous principles and their effects.
  • Plant lists according to class of toxin and type of livestock poisoning as well as a useful checklist of poisonous plants and a glossary of medical terms.

2003. 288 p., 450 color photos.
hard cover

Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart