Wyk, Ben-Erik van / Smith, Gideon

Guide to the Aloes of South Africa

ISBN 978-3-8047-2124-1

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Guide to the Aloes of South Africa is a beautifully illustrated full-colour guide that makes it easy for both the layperson and scientist to identify aloes found in the field and in gardens.

The book includes: Detailed species descriptions of all 125 aloes found in South Africa, with information on the plant's features, flowering period, habitat and distribution, conservation status, the origin of its scientific and common names, as well as general notes on cultivation and traditional uses of the plant.

More than 400 colour photographs, showing habitat and growth form, as well as close-up photographs of flowers and leaves, and distribution maps of all the species.

An easy-to-use identification system based mainly on growth habit. Introductory chapters that focus on aloe-like plants; medicinal, cosmetic and tonic use of aloes; conservation; cultivation and propagation; gardening and landscaping with aloes; pests and diseases; and aloe hybrids. Indexes to scientific and common names, an illustrated glossary and further reading.

All name changes and changes in the classification of South African aloes have been updated. An additional section on gardening and landscaping with aloes. Complete citations of botanical names and main synonyms (alternative names) are now given at the bottom of the page of each entry, together with the correct author citations. This is for the benefit of the more scientifically minded reader. Cross-references to other works on Aloe have been added for ease of reference. These include the classic text by GW Reynolds and the latest revision of the South African aloes in the Flora of South Africa. Measurement of plants and the altitudes where they grow in nature are now given both in metric and in imperial measurements. New and additional information, such as new records of localities, have been added to the maps.

2nd Edition 2004. 304 p., 400 color photos.
hard cover

Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart