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Wichtl, Max (Ed.) / Brinckmann, Josef A. (Übers.) / Lindenmaier, Michael P. (Übers.)

Herbal Drugs and Phytopharmaceuticals

A Handbook for Practice on a Scientific Basis

3rd, expanded and completely revised Edition 2004.
ISBN 978-3-8047-5027-2


An enormous increase in the knowledge of herbal drug constituents, their effects and side effects has occured in recent years. As a result, many herbal products are undergoing a transition from classic herbal teas to standardized extracts. The new edition of Wichtl's internationally renowned book takes the advances made in medicinal plant research and phytotherapy fully into account; the information is reliable, highly pertinent and authorative!

The new edition is containing:

  • 210 drug monographs, 30 of which have been newly introduced
  • Added phytopharmaceutical information such as type of extraction solvent, drug-to-extract ratio and dosage recommendations for extracts
  • New information on Canadian, U.K. and U.S. regulatory status
  • Over 1 000 new literature references, including Oriental medicine applications.

Wichtl's standard reference offers comprehensive information about the origin, constituents, effects, indications, and dosage of herbal drugs, phytopharmaceuticals, testing and adulterations. Serving as practical guide for herbal industry professionals, medical herbalists, pharmacists, naturopathic physicians andmedical doctors, it is also an essential companion for students of pharmacy, food science and naturopathic medicine.

Unter Mitwirkung von:

  • Dr. Wolfram Buff (Mitarb.)
  • Prof. Dr. Franz-Christian Czygan (Mitarb.)
  • Prof. Dr. Dietrich Frohne (Mitarb.)
  • Prof. Dr. Karl Hiller (Mitarb.)
  • Christoph Höltzel (Mitarb.)
  • Dr. Astrid Nagell (Mitarb.)
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Pachaly (Mitarb.)
  • Hans Jürgen Pfänder (Mitarb.)
  • Prof. Dr. Günter Willuhn (Mitarb.)

XLIII, 704 p., 314 b/w ill, 519 color ill.
447 chemical structures, hard cover

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