Hansen, Mogens Herman / Raaflaub, Kurt (Ed.)

More Studies in the Ancient Greek Polis

Historia – Einzelschriften
Band 108
Papers from the Copenhagen Polis Centre
Band 3

ISBN 978-3-515-06969-4

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Aus dem Inhalt:
N. Demand: Poleis on Cyprus and Oriental Despotism
H. Bowden: The Greek Settlement and Sanctuaries at Naukratis
T. H. Nielsen: Was There an Arkadian Confederacy in the Fifth Century B.C.?
T. H. Nielsen: A Survey of Dependent Poleis in Classical Arkadia
J. Roy: Polis and Tribe in Classical Arkadia
A. G. Keen: Were the Boiotian Poleis Autonomoi?
M. H. Hansen: Were the Boiotian Poleis Deprived of Their Autonomia During the First and Second Boiotian Federations? A Reply
P. Flensted-Jensen/M. H. Hansen: Pseudo-Skylax’ Use of the Term Polis
M. H. Hansen: City-Ethnics as Evidence for Polis Identity

1. Auflage 1996. 196 S.

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