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Flensted-Jensen, Pernille (Ed.)

Further Studies in the Ancient Greek Polis

Historia – Einzelschriften
Band 138
Papers from the Copenhagen Polis Centre
Band 5

1. Auflage 2000.
ISBN 978-3-515-07607-4


"This volume as a whole exemplifies prudent and meticulous scholarship coordinated in the pursuit of a unified goal. Thanks to the CPC, ancient scholars now enjoy a clear understanding of what the Greeks meant by the term 'polis' in the context of the prose authors and inscriptions from the sixth to fourth century BCE. This prolonged study lays the foundation for all future work on the history of Greek community relationships, ethnicities, and polities, and its value cannot be overestimated." Bryn Mawr Classical Review

"As Rhodes remarked …‚what needs to be studied is the whole range of Greek civic institutions in all its subtlety and variety.‘ The published and forthcoming publications of the Copenhagen Polis Centre will be invaluable for the fulfilment of this aspiration." Journal of Hellenic Studies

Aus dem Inhalt:
Albert Schachter: Greek Deities: Local and Panhellenic Identities
Frank W. Walbank: Hellenes and Achaians. “Greek Nationality” Revisited
Björn Forsén: Population and Political Strength of Some Southeastern Arkadian Poleis
Alan M. Greaves: The Shifting Focus of Settlement at Miletos
Jonathan M. Hall: Sparta, Lakedaimon and the Nature of Perioikic Dependency
Thomas Heine Nielsen: Epiknemidian, Hypoknemidian, and Opountian Lokrians. Reflections on the Political Organisation of East Lokris in the Classical Period
Pernille Flensted-Jensen: The Chalkidic Peninsula and Its Regions
Thomas Heine Nielsen: Xenophon’s Use of the Word Polis in the Anabasis
Mogens Herman Hansen / Thomas Heine Nielsen: The Use of the Word Polis in the Fragments of Some Historians
Mogens Herman Hansen: The Use of the Word Polis in the Attic Orators
Pernille Flensted-Jensen / Mogens Herman Hansen / Thomas Heine Nielsen: The Use of the Word Polis in Inscriptions
Mogens Herman Hansen: A Survey of the Use of the Word Polis in Archaic and Classical Sources

256 S., 2 s/w Tab.
6 Ktn., Kartoniert

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