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Coskun, Altay (Hrsg.) / McAuley, Alex (Hrsg.)

Seleukid Royal Women

Creation, Representation and Distortion of Hellenistic Queenship in the Seleukid Empire

Historia – Einzelschriften
Band 240

ISBN 978-3-515-11295-6

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The study of royal women has been one of the most dynamic fields of inquiry into the Hellenistic world (ca. 336–30 BC) and has dramatically shifted our perceptions of gender, status, and influence in the ancient world. Amid numerous works on the Ptolemies, Antigonids, and Argeads, this volume is the first to examine the roles and representations of the women of the Seleukid dynasty and its clients. These royal women were born or married into a dynasty that ruled an empire spanning dozens of cultures and languages, encompassing territory from western Asia Minor to modern-day Afghanistan. As representatives of their family's prestige, they were highly influential in shaping the culture and legacy of this Empire that spanned East and West.

The contributions of this volume offer a systematic scrutiny of the representation of female Seleukids in visual and textual media. Avoiding Eurocentric perspectives in favour of embracing the diversity of the Empire, these scholars examine the interaction of Seleukid women with royal traditions ranging from Persia, Bactria, and Judaea to their Hellenistic contemporaries. The result is a landmark achievement in the study of ancient women.

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"… this book is definitely worth reading as it leads the way towards a new understanding of female royalty in the Hellenistic period as well as in the classical world at large. [...] [It´s] an indispensable work of reference for those dealing with women in antiquity and wil be of great value to scholars and students alike."
Chiara Grigolin, Ancient West & East 18, 2019

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2016. 322 p., 21 b/w ill, 3 b/w tables.
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Über die Autoren


Altay Coskun

Altay Coşkun is Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Waterloo, Ontario. He joined the department in 2009, after gaining his PhD (1999) and Habilitation (2007) at Trier University and holding research positions at Oxford, Trier and Exeter. His interests range from Ancient Anatolia over the Greek poleis, Hellenistic kingdoms, Roman diplomacy and citizenship to the Late Roman state.

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Alex McAuley

Alex McAuley in Lecturer in Hellenistic History at Cardiff University, Wales. In addition to his work on Greek federalism and political culture, he has also published on the cities of the Greek mainland as well as the ideology and political practice of the Hellenistic dynasties.

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