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Mastrocinque, Attilio (Hrsg.) / Sanzo, Joseph E. (Hrsg.) / Scapini, Marianna (Hrsg.)

Ancient Magic

Then and Now

Potsdamer Altertumswissenschaftliche Beiträge
Band 74

ISBN 978-3-515-12796-7


An international team of scholars from different academic disciplines address some of the most important issues, texts, and objects in the study of ancient magic. The volume is divided into three primary sections. The first part offers new approaches to some of the major theoretical and methodological questions in the study of ancient magic. Most importantly, the authors offer a defense of the term "magic" as a scholarly rubric in the study of antiquity. The contributors to the second part provide novel interpretations of some of the most significant defixiones, amulets, recipes and rituals from the ancient world. The essays also engage with questions of gender, materiality, visuality, and scribal practice. The final section examines the transmission of magical practice, both in antiquity and in later periods. Accordingly, the chapters in this final section allow scholars to approach the study of magic over the longue durée. By placing into dialogue the interests, concerns, and methods of scholars from diverse academic fields, this volume provides an interdisciplinary perspective to the study of premodern magic.

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451 p., 53 b/w ill.
hard cover

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