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Balatti, Silvia (Hrsg.) / Klinkott, Hilmar (Hrsg.) / Wiesehöfer, Josef (Hrsg.)


Environment, Landscape and Society in Ancient Fars

Oriens et Occidens
Band 33

ISBN 978-3-515-12622-9


Pārsa, approximately corresponding to the modern-day Iranian province of Fars, can reasonably be considered to occupy a prominent place in the history of Ancient Iran. Indeed, it was the heartland of the Persian empires of the Teispids, Achaemenids and Sasanians. The spectacular archaeological remains of Fars are well known – we need only think, for example, of the monumental remains of Persepolis. Much less is known about life outside of the royal palaces and about human-environment interactions in this region. In recent decades, a new interest in socio-environmental issues in the humanities, the use of innovative scientific methods in archaeology, and the rapid expansion of the field of paleoenvironmental studies have vastly increased the potential for investigating this topic from an interdisciplinary perspective. The contributions to this volume are the result of a scholarly effort to investigate the landscape and society of ancient Fars using an integrative approach, which benefits from the contributions from the humanities and the natural and technological sciences.

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313 p., 13 b/w ill, 16 color ill., 8 b/w tables.
hard cover

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